Write a paragraph on land pollution

Farmers often use highly toxic fertilizers and pesticides to get rid off insects, fungi and bacteria from their crops. This affects humans and animals, their natural vegetation and create Noise Pollution. A major cause for all the causes listed above is the manufacturing that leads to major types of pollution.

Rats, flies and mosquitoes are bred in such places. This process is called bio magnification and is a serious threat to the ecology. Every country is induced to take steps to control environmental pollution. To make the disposal of waste economical, emphasis has been given on management of solid wastes i.

The water, air, noise and other forms of pollution in one terminology is known as the pollution of the eco-system. Items that can not be recycled become a part of the landfills that hampers the beauty of the city and cause land pollution.

The garbage, honking, blaring music are all menaces that we should aim to reduce for a better planet The biggest paradox is that the more we pollute the environment the riskier it becomes for us to live in it. The discharge of chemical and industrial wastes into rivers, seas and oceans causes water pollution.

Burning of fuels, smoke from vehicles, fireworks, burning of woods, and release of hazardous chemicals or chemical gases from industries or factories. Change in climate patterns: The fumes that emanate from factories and vehicles not only make it difficult to breathe but affects the ozone layer.

Garbage scattered all over increases the chance of us getting a variety of epidemic diseases. Research and development paved the way for modern fertilizers and chemicals that were highly toxic and led to soil contamination.

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This leads to a steep imbalance in the rain cycle.

Paragraph on Land, Water and Noise Pollution

Anti-pollution laws should be strictly implemented. Some waste disposal strategies adopted by different countries are as follows:Pollution refers to the release of chemical or substances into the environment that is injurious for human, animal and plant life. The water, air, noise and other forms of pollution in one terminology is known as the pollution of the eco-system.

Land Pollution: The excessive use of chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides damages the quality and productivity of the soil. Besides, industries such as paper mills, sugar mills, oil refineries, fertiliser units and plastic and rubber producing units cause land pollution. What is Land Pollution? This leads to further deterioration of land, and pollution caused by the land fill contents.

Also due to the lack of green cover, the land gets affected in several ways like soil erosion occurs washing away the fertile portions of the land. Or even a landslide can be seen as an example.

What is Land Pollution?

Land pollution is the result of urban tech­nological revolution and exploitation of every bit of natural re­sources. A number of sources are contributing individually or to­gether to land pollution.

Short Paragraph on Pollution

Now let us discuss the effect of land pollutants from different sources on man, animal and vegetation. A.

100 words essay on land pollution short paragraph

Effects of Industrial Pollutants: 1. Pollution is the process that makes nature’s resources such as land, water, air or other parts of the environment unsafe or unsuitable to use.

Pollution can be of many types: soil, air, water, thermal, radioactive, noise, and light. Talking about land pollution, it has some of the most devastating effects on both nature and living beings. Land pollution is characterized by the contamination of Earth's surface, where humans and other creatures live.

One of the major causes of land pollution is human activities.

Write a paragraph on land pollution
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