Scarlet letter essays dimmesdale on the scaffold

This time, although the townspeople are not present, they talk about the scarlet A in the sky throughout the next day. He both fasted and whipped himself, emulating devout Catholics.

Yet, he, coward and hypocrite that he was, refused to state his sin to the entirety of Boston. The Black Man feeds on the evil and sin in ones soul and for him, Dimmesdale was the perfect candidate.

The Bible says in Matthew 5: After his election speech, he turns to Hester and Pearl and calls them to the scaffold, the place where Dimmesdale can escape the claws of Chillingworth.

He began to think of acts of evil but soon put them into action. They decide to leave on a ship but it is not leaving for another four days. He stands among the crowd as a hypocrite and a liar. The doctor sees the wound, but chooses not to treat it. Three other symbols are the scaffold, the sun, and the forest.

The Reverend delivers a moving sermon that week, following which he reveals the scarlet letter on his chest. Eventually, the pull became too much, like the ocean on a plant that eventually becomes uprooted. In closing, Hawthorne uses several symbols to portray themes and ideas in this novel.

Further supporting the argument that Timescale was a hypocrite, is the fact that he reached prodigious sermons on the topic of morality and confession, but was unable to live up to their messages. Meanwhile, her daughter, Pearl, grows from an infant to a lovely, vibrant, peculiar little girl.

Throughout the book, there are various meanings to the scarlet letter. We will write a custom essay sample on Dimmesdale: But he will be known! Little do we or they know that her partner is Dimmesdale. Author Nathaniel Hawthorne writes of a puritan society, and it is the laws of that society, both written and unwritten, that Timescale breaks and which causes the changes to occur.

In summation, Reverend Arthur Timescale was an objectionable character not only because of his rearward, but because of his hypocrisy, lack of moral fiber, and poor choices. Regardless, the true duty was to punish and teach a lesson, neither of which the letter performed successfully.

Dimmesdale: The Scarlet Letter Essay

But they were uttered only within his imagination. To begin with, the most important and influential symbol in the entire book is the infamous scarlet letter, hence the title, The Scarlet Letter. So far we have seen Dimmesdale's conscious attempt to deal with his guilt, but now we go deep into his subconscious.

Without treatment, this wound has become infected. It represents the sin of the person standing upon it and it shows the Puritan way of dealing with sin. Even though Dimmesdale was a hypocrite in the beginning, Hester, still seeing the good in Dimmesdale, held his head as he died against her bosom.

Timescale failed to open himself to help and choose other forms of repentance, making his choices additional bad stitches in the tapestry of his life. Chillingworth's estate makes Pearl rich, and she never returns to Boston.

Come up hither, I pray you, and pass a pleasant hour with me! Though the narrator doesn't say so, the minister has been carving an A into his chest, marking himself an adulterer.

The Scarlet Letter

Hawthorne describes the scene as "an electric chain," the minister and his lover holding hands with their child between them. Dimmesdale began to fall into a downward spiral struggling with the constant digging at his soul by Chillingworth, the disbelief of his sin by the people, and his constant inability to be able to tell the truth.

After deciding to go to England and live as a family Arthur, Hester, and Pearl there, Hester takes off the scarlet letter, to show that she is no longer bound by it.

In the wake of the minister's death, a purposeless Chillingworth shrivels up and dies, and Hester, heartbroken over her loss, leaves town with Pearl. The Black Man, also known as Roger Chillingworth, began to grab his heart in its iron grasp and squeeze the life from it.Free seven deadly sins papers, essays, and research papers.

Essay about The Scaffold and Forest in Nathaniel Hawthorne's Scarlet Letter - The Scaffold and Forest in The Scarlet Letter Nathaniel Hawthorne's work, The Scarlet Letter, focuses on the small Puritan community of Boston during the seventeenth century. In the center of the town is a ". The Scarlet Letter Essay examples Words | 10 Pages.

The Scarlet Letter Summary

In The Scarlet Letter, Hawthorne analyzes Hester, Dimmesdale, and Chillingworth. In the story, Hester is the main character of the story and was called Mistress Prynne (Hawthorne 70).

Dimmesdale, in the story was referred to as Reverend Dimmesdale (Hawthorne 90).

The Scarlet Letter Summary

The Scarlet Letter Homework Help Questions. In The Scarlet Letter, why is Pearl often compared to an elf?

An important part of Pearl's character is the way that she is developed as being somehow. The Seven Deadly Sins - We live in a society that is full of horrific things everywhere we turn.

In order to not come in contact with these things we would have to live apart from the media and almost separate ourselves from society altogether. Throughout the novel, The Scarlet Letter, the author, Nathaniel Hawthorne uses a few key symbols to represent major themes in the most obvious and well known, as it is in the title, is the scarlet letter Hester is forced to wear.

Three other symbols are the scaffold, the sun, and the forest.

Scarlet letter essays dimmesdale on the scaffold
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