One direction preferences you write a song about him being scared

What was that sound? You and Andrew found Liam sitting by himself at a picnic table.

1D Preference: You Have His Kid After A Breakup And He Doesn’t Know (Niall)

How was last night? Styles thank you for staying with her for the past two weeks. Sunny for once, the two of us dressed in shorts and short-sleeved shirts, her in one of my plaid button ups and me in another. You were still amazed that this conversation was still going.

You smashed through the window and got hurt badly. When you heard a knock on the door you went to get it and when you did your mouth fell open, it was your ex and sons father Niall Horan. Feeling a million times safer, you drifted off to sleep quickly, knowing that Harry was there to protect you.

You wanted to break down. I was too far away to prevent her from hitting the ground and my whole body shivered when I saw her body touch the hard floor. He spun you around and kissed you. I rush to her, taking her in my arms and cradling her face in my chest.

His hand carefully reaches up and touches the spot where he had hit you. You finally pull him into your arms, continuing to pet his hair to soothe him. You gave a small smile and looked back at the road. You woke up in a small hospital bed.

And thank God she was. Niall on the other hand regretted every word. He wanted to do something to, so you both got into the car and headed out to go somewhere fun.

And I spend the rest of the night checking on her and making sure my beautiful wife and baby were okay. It was coming from the window. Your heart raced as you sat up in bed.

You woke up sore and very thirsty. Somehow, you managed to run into nothing, possibly because of your knowledge of what was in these hallways. Your mom hugged him and he looked over at you. As long as you don't think I'm gross anymore," he remarked, teasing you about the little chant you led your friends in saying that boys were gross.

You move some of his curls away from his face. I had no idea what happened and why he promised me this. Harry being your boyfriend and the accident. I love you, Mr. He finally turns to you with anger dripping from his eyes and fists clenched.

I want it to end!

Your leg was healing quicker than you thought and you were spending all of your time with Louis. Harry shrugs, not bothering to even glance at you.

You spent the whole day thinking, just thinking about Harry; Harry, Skylar and you.

One Direction Preferences

Keep talking to me, alright? You shook your head no.BSM: You get scared during the night (age 7) Harry: Looking over at the digital clock on your stand, you could barely make out the time that was displayed in the grey numbers.

Sighing, you rolled over onto your side and cuddled up in your blanket, shutting your eyes and trying to sleep. You faint/pass out (his POV) (1D preference) what causes her to wake up finally. ‘Thank God ’ I hear Louis gasp, while I kiss her forehead in relief.

‘You scared us for a minute there!’ xone direction xone direction pref xone direction preference xone direction preferences xone direction prefs xHarry Styles xLouis Tomlinson.

The Song you Write about Each Other. Sister of 5SOS, but He Likes You. One Direction Preferences I'm Scared. pulling his hands away from his face. His body shook, lightly but clearly, and you took him in your arms, he buried his face in the crook of your neck, not crying just panicking.

“I’m scared” he choked out. You sighed. Read You're Scared [His P.O.V.] from the story One Direction Preferences by voguexniall (a) with 23, reads. liam, zaynmalik, liampayne.

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BSM: You get scared during the night (age 7)

“Zayn!" I whip around, and see her. My beautiful [Y/N], being held by a man. He has her pinned against the brick club wall by Reviews: 4. He was so scared to talk to her with too much of a loud voice, scared that it was enough to break her.

She sounded to vulnerable. She sounded like sadness. He Writes A Song About You from the story One Direction Preferences by OhMyJanoskiansx (Jacqueline) with 7, reads.

styles, one, perferences. YOU ARE READING. One Direction Preferences Fanfiction. going back to writing, something you said obviously giving him a good idea. Continue Reading the Next Part. Add.

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One direction preferences you write a song about him being scared
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