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Sparsh educates poor students in computer and IT proficiency and it has computerised hundreds of poor schools in Mumbai. May Milind Deora born 4 December is an Indian politician. The plan is to extend the talent search in organizing a tournament into a league format for Municipal and Government funded schools in South Mumbai.

He once advised me that silence was a better option than an adverse comment. Development at grassroot level, infrastructure, education and basic amenities Mr Gujral says that there is a need for proper political management instead of just netajiri.

Local Body Tax A delegation of the trading community had met Mr. Oil Firms Look To Step Up Expenditure On Security, Singapore Times, Correspondent or Reporter, Oct 05, Forty-one days after the protests began in Myanmar and blood once more was spilt on its streets, the talk in European capitals is all about bringing pressure to bear on India to "do something".

Rahul Bajaj Murlibhai was a charming friend and an astute politician. Over the last many years, the two of us, belonging to rival parties, had become close friends. Agri-related business and job-oriented skills Among the core issues that he intends to address are rural development, modern environment for the youngsters, developing agri-related business in the state, introduce insurance and micro-finance schemes for the farmers and imparting job-oriented skills to people, particularly farmers.

And the source needs to be ascertained. He is angry that the Central government is neglecting the state in its budgetary allocations. Mr Deora considers it his public duty to contest elections and be part of the democratic process.

We have just touched the magic number of 10 per cent GDP growth rate this quarter.

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By all accounts he was a fund raiser that the party could always depend on and he had made this his USP. His petition to the Chief Minister of Maharashtra has received around 5, votes as of now.

ICICI has confirmed this fact to regulators. As per the rules, the supplier - in this case Reliance - is meant to discover the price in the market by inviting bids from buyers, but at an arms' length.

The rest, as they say, followed happily after.

Analysis: Oil and Gas Pipeline Watch

But Prashant Bhushan, one of the petitioners in the gas pricing issue in the Supreme Court, has alleged that Reliance brought back money from its inflated expenses through front companies. Friends made a compelling argument that I should either shut up or do something about it, says Mr Panda and it was then that he decided to take the plunge.

Almost every afternoon during Parliament session, Murli Deora would peep into my chamber and ask me if lunch had arrived. But he was never a dissenter. This is to be achieved by directly electing your Mayor.

Since 1 Mayhe had been a member of the Committee on Estimates. We want to empower the youth. He emphasises that India is the worlds largest democracy and one must be an active participant in the democratic process. Murlibhai was always a champion of the US cause and was part of many platforms that promoted better Indo-American trade relations.

I love meeting people and listening to their problems and that is what keeps me ticking, says Mr Jindal. Persuaded the state government to expedite certain key projects like the Bandra-Worli sea link and the Mumbai Metro.

Mr Reddy was replaced shortly afterwards by Mr Moily. There seemed to be a significant improvement in his health. Reliance had argued that this was because they had overestimated the reserves in the fields, an argument rejected by Mr Reddy, who ordered the imposition of the penalty.

For reporters on the political beat a visit to his Churchgate office was part of the routine to be followed.Secretary Bodman also held bilateral meetings with Deputy Chairman of India's Planning Commission Dr. Sigh Ahluwalia, Minister of Power Sushil Jumar Shinde, and Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas Murli Deora.

“You cannot do such a thing,” said Union petroleum minister Murli Deora.

'I used to play the guitar but I now I only play the fool'

“This is not the right time to retrench people, particularly before Diwali.” Other political parties got into the act. Feb 11,  · "Today we have instructed the anti-corruption branch to file a criminal case against Murli Deora, FIRs (investigations) against Veerappa Moily, V.K.

Sibal, the (then) director general of. Deora is a trusted aide of the Gandhi family in Mumbai.

CAG office disputes KG Basin Oil Contract to Mukesh Ambani

He was elected to the Rajya Sabha in and was inducted in the Union cabinet as petroleum minister in January His high point was countering the oilmen's strike with an iron fist, breaking his image as a soft person.

India fast losing energy By Siddharth Srivastava. NEW DELHI - In its quest for energy, New Delhi is in danger of falling between two stools in its dealings with the US and Iran. mumbai: citizens and office-goers at nariman point have been joined in their protest against the proposed multiplex theatre complex in front of bajaj bhavan by murli deora president of maharashtra.

Murli deora business plan
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