How to write a cv in nigeria

List every relevant skill or ability you have that can maximize your chances of employment! Just think - do you want to answer all the question about why you left the job only after one or two weeks? It is best to put these information at the top so as to make it noticeable by the employer and also make the font bold and legible so that it can be easily seen, Ensure that your email and phone number are correct and put in mails that can be used to reach you easily.

What is a CV? Achievements This is a run-down of exceptional accomplishments you have bagged over a period of time. Put these in a strategic location and in legible fonts so that they can be easily seen by the HR manager or recruiter. In writing your CV in Nigeria, presentation is everything!

Have they asked for a qualification? Achievements This is a run-down of exceptional accomplishments you have bagged over a period of time. Never use an email that is not yours. Bearing this in mind, every detail and information provided must be meticulously considered and articulately presented.

How to Get Them Now! Ensure that you can defend everything that you have written in your CV. See you at the top! I beg to disagree. Chose bold and legible fonts 2. History and International Relations. Name, Address, phone number, email etc.

So simple but still makes a statement! They must be noticeable at first sight. Always account for time spent. The fact that the first impression the HR has of you is your CV should give serve as a food for thought that going an extra mile on your CV is really needed.

In any examples of good CV in Nigeria you will find four mandatory sections that help the employer know more about the person they will potentially add to their staff.

This article contains all the necessary details you need to know on how to write a good CV as a fresh Graduate in Nigeria. Design Your font size should be 12 points.

Ensure that you can defend everything that you have written in your CV 8.

How to write a good CV for fresh graduate in Nigeria?

If you need a printed copy, then use Verdana or Times New Roman. Your achievements are supposed to score you extra points with a potential employer. Your experience s should follow a chronological sequence most recent to least recent. Points to bear in mind: Excellent diplomatic skills and versed in three foreign languages — French, Portuguese and Chinese Graduated with a first class grade of 4.

How To Write A Good CV in Nigeria

You regularly have to update your CV To make sure it meets the requirement of any jobs advertised. These four sections are: Listing either educational or professional experience is best done by starting with them from most recent to oldest.

Education Always start with the most recent educational qualification. Leave no room for vagueness. If someone has 3 years of experience and another has 6 years of experience, and they are both applying for the same job, the ONLY thing that differentiates them is the way they both present their work experiences.

A curriculum vitae popularly known as CV is brief synopsis or account of your educational, professional experience, skills and more typically used for job applications.PDF CV in Nigeria dependably looks more expert than those spared in DOC/DOCX. Also, there you have it.

How to Write a Standard CV

Presently you ought to have the capacity to compose a legitimate CV in Nigeria that will awe your potential managers and land you the position you have been searching for. In writing your CV in Nigeria, presentation is everything!

Your content, layout, template, font type, font size, line spacing, bullets and borders are all crucial in achieving a great looking CV. How to write a standard CV/Resume in Nigeria that gets you an interview in The CV formats we will be using is the one called FOCUS CV FORMAT.

This format tends to lay much emphasis on your strength and blocks your weaknesses off. Learn How To Write A Good CV in Nigeria CV & Resume Comments To make your job-hunt, internships or Industrial Attachment search a success; we advise that you learn to write a good CV in Nigeria – the way it truly appeal to local employers.

How To Write A CV in Nigeria Step 1: Personal Information.

How to Write a Professional CV

This is important and should be placed in strategic position where they can be noticed easily by employers. They should be in a legible font. Your personal information includes your name, home address and contact information which is your mobile number and email address.

Tips on Writing a CV. Do not hand-write a CV. Use good quality white A4 paper to print your CV (if possible use a laser printer). Use a clear typeface.

Complete Guide: How To Write CV in Nigeria

Ensure the layout is evenly spaced and easy to read, using subheadings to draw the reader’s eye to important information. Remember to keep all information on your CV concise and clear.

How to write a cv in nigeria
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