An examination of the non bias story on boxing for military cadets

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West Point enters new era: Boxing a requirement for all female cadets

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West Point now making boxing mandatory for female cadets

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In boxing, there is no opportunity to tap out against an overbearing and aggressive opponent. Through boxing, cadets learn to manage fear and perform physically despite the presence of these stressors, a quality that is necessary for combat leadership.

Boxing equips cadets with courage, resiliency to finish the fight

Women were first admitted to West Point in Union Forces of the American Civil War by Phillip Katcher Arms and Armour publication. Card covers, 46 pages, copious black and white images. Cadets at West Point now wear thick padded gloves. In sparring bouts, fighters can throw only one hook, one cross and one uppercut per round.

And after each of the 19 classes and three test bouts, coaches give a short talk, telling cadets to report to the health clinic if they feel symptoms of concussion.

I do not have boxing training. Sep 21,  · The U.S. Military Academy is entering a new era: All female cadets are required to box. One of the nation’s most prestigious training grounds for military leaders has opened up the boxing ring.

An examination of the non bias story on boxing for military cadets
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